Recipe Name

Identify eligible patients for the Life! program that meeting the risk criteria b


The following inclusion criteria present in a patient will determine eligibility for the Life! program:

  • Age 30 years or above for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or Age 45 years or above for general population
  • Cardiovascular Disease Absolute Risk Score 10% or above

    The exclusion criteria include patients with:
  • Diabetes
  • Active Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) diagnosis in the last 3 months

Target Population

Patients at high risk who can be recommended for/are eligible for the Life! program

CAT Starting Point

  1. CAT Open – CAT4 view (all reports) loaded.
  2. Population extract loaded and extract pane "hidden".
  3. Optional Only: Filter Pane Open and under the 'General' tab, "Active Patients (3x < 2 years)" selected. 

1(a). Enter '45' in the Start Age box under 'Age' for general population.

1(b). For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander enter '30' in the Start Age box and in 'Ethnicity' tab select 'Indigenous'

2. In Reports pane, select 'CV Event Risk' report, 'CAT calculated' and then select 'Medium Risk' and 'High Risk'.

For exclusion Criteria:

3. Select Conditions tab then click Chronic tab. Check the box beside the 'No' under Diabetes. This will exclude patients with an existing diagnosis of diabetes.

4. Click 'Cancer' tab. Check all the 'No' boxes. This will exclude patients with an existing diagnosis of cancer.

5. Click 'Report' button to view list of patients meeting these criteria.

6. List can be saved/printed or be sent a SMS/Voicemail Recall via the 'Patient Reidentification' window.

Create a prompt to display in Topbar
Remember you need to be in the CAT4 Daily View to be able to create prompts. Other pre-requisites are:

  • Topbar is installed
  • CAT is linked to Topbar via Edit/Preferences/Topbar - check here for details: Linking CAT to Topbar
  • To start click on the 'Daily View' icon on the top of your CAT screen:

Once you have applied the filter(s) and displayed the patients of interest as described above, you can create a prompt that will be shown to all clinicians using Topbar if a patient meeting the prompt criteria is opened in their clinical system.