The Clinical Audit Tool (CAT4) analyses and reports on clinical information from GP clinical Desktop Systems. It translates data into real statistical and graphical information that is easy to understand and action. This allows practitioners to assess and improve both the quality and completeness of patient information. This benefits the practice by assisting with ongoing accreditation and providing opportunities to grow practice income. The emphasis of the tool is to enable practice staff to take specific action to improve patient coverage in chronic disease management and prevention.
Other benefits of using CAT4 are many, and include:

  • targeting patients with particular needs,
  • targeting patients with specific health risk profiles,
  • improving compliance with statistical data collection requirements,
  • extracting data to meet a specific need, and
  • meeting statutory reporting requirements.

This User Guide describes the use of the Pen CS Clinical Audit Tool with reference to the following clinical systems:

  • Medical Director 3 clinical desktop system
  • Best Practice clinical desktop system by Best Practice Software
  • Genie clinical desktop system by Genie Solutions
  • Zedmed clinical desktop system by Zedmed Medical Software Solutions
  • practiX clinical desktop system by iSoft
  • Communicare by Communicare Systems
  • Medinet clinical desktop system by Abaki
  • Medtech clinical desktop system by Medtech Global
  • MMeX the web-based eHealth platform by ISA Healthcare Solutions

The range of clinical Desktop Systems able to interoperate with the Pen CS Clinical Audit Tool is expanding all the time, additions will be made to this User Guide as this functionality becomes available. Not all reports/functions will be available for all clinical Desktop Systems as the level of data that can be extracted is not the same for all systems.