This filter will only have available options if your extract contains patients that are archived or deceased. Refer to the 'CAT4 Extracting Additional Patients Quick Reference Guide' available here: CAT Extracting Additional Patients Quick reference Guide for information about this functionality.

By default all patients who are not archived are included in your reports. For some clinical systems there are further options to exclude some patient groups:

  • Communicare users have additional options to describe patient status and these can be used to further filter your data.  By default all but archived and/or deceased patients are included in the reports, but patients listed as transient or banned can be removed by un-ticking the respective boxes.
  • Zedmed users can record  a patient status as 'casual' - this will be mapped to 'transient' in CAT4 and those patients can be removed from your reports by unticking the 'Transient' box.