Conditions are divided into four tabs to allow for a greater number of conditions to be selected. These are

  • Conditions – Chronic
  • Conditions – Mental Health
  • Cancer
  • Conditions - Other

Please check the 'conditions mapping' for your clinical system for full details on which conditions are mapped to the filter options. Diagnosis mapping for cancer can be found here

Best Practice: BP cancer diagnosis mapping

MD3: MD3 cancer diagnosis mapping

Zedmed: Zedmed cancer diagnosis mapping

Selecting Conditions by ticking the boxes will limit your data to look at only patients that match all the conditions ticked:
Condition – Yes, No, no selection = All
Please note that the 'Gestational Diabetes' filter will also identify patients where the conditions is marked as 'inactive' as well as 'active' in the clinical system. This enables you to produce a list of patients who have ever been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Other condition filters will only filter for 'active' conditions as diagnosed in the clinical system.
You can select to filter by patients that

  • Have a condition (tick the Yes box)
  • Do not have a condition (tick the No box)

If you tick one of the main condition headings (bolded) the sub-heading selections will not be available and all patients matching any of the conditions listed below will be selected. This is an OR search, as opposed to selecting each condition separately which will result in an AND search.

In some filters there is a heading in italics and underlined , for example the Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Bone Disease in the first screenshot above. Selecting this heading will create a filter for patients with any of the specific conditions listed below, in this case CHC, Stroke, MI, PVD, Carotid Stenosis and Renal Artery Stenosis. This is an OR search, meaning that all patients with at least one of the listed conditions will be shown.