If your practice uses one database but has multiple locations set up in Genie, CAT4 can either collect the data into one extract or split the extract by clinic location. Please refer to your Genie manual on how to set up multiple locations in Genie. If you have multiple locations already established, you will see this in your Genie setup:

In CAT4 you will need to configure the Genie preferences. Click on Edit/Preference:

and then on the Genie tab:

There are a number of options on how to extract by location - using ALL will create one extract for all locations, using IND will create one extract for each location in your system and using the exact name of the location (case sensitive) will create an extract for that one location only. Multiple entries in this field need to be comma separate and no space between entries.

Once you have added the multiple locations, click OK to save.

After setting up multiple locations for Genie, CAT4 will display an additional dialogue depending on the entries in your location list. For the ALL,IND combination it will look like this:

Setting up for Scheduled Collections

If you are using scheduled collects we recommend to set up scheduler for your locations, for full details please see here: Using Scheduler for Multiple Locations on one Server

This will enable you to create, de-identify and upload individual extracts to PAT CAT at a set time/day of the month.

You will need to make sure each location required for monthly submission is listed in the Genie preferences tab in the Practice Location List, and configured on the scheduler tab.

Note: To discover your list of Genie locations enter IND and OK, then click Collect to see the dialogue box above, then Cancel. Return to the preferences screen to amend your location list as required.