The Timeline functionality allows you to view changes in your data extracts over time. Most graphs have a 'Timeline' button at the top right near the 'Export' and 'Print' buttons.

Note that the timeline only shows data from the total patient population – it does not work with filters.

  • Click segments from any graph(s) you like
  • The 'Timeline' button of a graph becomes active when a segment is selected on that graph
  • Click any active 'Timeline' button
  • The Timeline graph is loaded into the 'new Timeline' tab at the far right of the tabs

Figure 72: Timeline


  1. If you add or remove graph segments you can return to the 'Timeline' tab and click the Timeline 'Recalculate' button to refresh the graph
  2. The 'From' and 'To' Dates default to cover a year before the extract date. Adjust these to include older extracts if you have them. If an extract does not appear you may simply need to reload it – this will create summary data for the timeline which may not have previously been created.