With the JADE release BP has introduced a partner program where the partner details have to be configured in BP.

Under Setup/Configuration:

Got to Database and pick the 'Setup third-party integrations' button:

The following screen will show a list of third party providers (subject to change):

Tick the box next to PEN CS to setup the integration with CAT4, then click on 'Save'.

For older versions of BP (prior to the JADE Edition):

Option 1: Configuring a BP Database Browser password -> Enter that password in the preferences
Option 2: Ticking the 'External data access' checkboxes in Best Practice -> Leave the password preference field empty

You can also change the settings for extracting archived and deceased patients which by default is set to 'No'. This is generally not needed in General Practice but is required for the NKPI report. The Location list settings is relevant for clinics that share one server for multiple locations - more details are described here: Best Practice Data Collection by Location


In Best Practice:
Select Setup > Configuration from the top menu bar.


Select the 'Database' option from the left hand tool bar

Option 1: Set the database browser password

  • Click the 'Database browser' button
  • Enter and confirm a password of your choice
  • If a password has previously been configured you will be required to enter the current password as well

NOTE: If a password has been configured and you do not know what it is you will need to contact Best Practice Support for assistance to reset the password.


Option 2: Tick ALL the 'External data access' checkboxes and Save


In Clinical Audit:

  • Option 1: Enter the browser password you have set up in the CAT4 Best Practice Preferences.
  • Option 2: Leave the password field empty in the CAT4 Best Practice Preferences.

Refer to the section in this document 'Setting Your Preferences'.