Release 4.0 – July 2015
Release 4.1 – December 2015
These release notes are provided to give an overview of new/upgraded functionality and issues that have been fixed in this release of the Clinical Audit Tool Version 4 (CAT4).
New functionality may be dependent on additions being made to the CAT4 data set. Where new data is not yet being extracted from a clinical system, the functionality in CAT4 will be unavailable.
CAT4 was released in July 2015 and was a major upgrade to the Clinical Audit Tool which resulted in a new version of the product. It provides:

  • Significant performance improvements
  • Greater compatibility with clinical and billing systems
  • Improved functionality

The following issues have been resolved in release CAT 4.1:




Issues with 'Send Data Extracts Locations' configuration option 'Email - Outlook (or MAPI client)' and Outlook 2013 have been rectified


Errors caused by invalid characters in extracted data have been corrected


Zedmed condition and patient status mappings have been rectified


Licencing Upgrades

Licencing upgrades have been implemented to prevent users logging in at sites they are not authorised to.

  • Users can be set up to belong to multiple organisations if applicable and will be asked on logon which organisation she/he is logging on to.
  • On login users will be "locked" to the site they have logged into. This will prevent breaches of privacy by users who have left a clinic but are still using the same logon and prevent the sharing of logins outside designated clinics.


Linking CAT4 to Topbar

Topbar is Pen CS' decision support tool for General Practice which is currently compatible with MD3 and BestPractice. Topbar implements the same Cleansing rules and algorithms as Cleansing CAT at the point of care and allows clinicians to improve patient data quality while the patient is in the practice. Topbar can now be linked to CAT4 for the purpose of providing reporting on Topbar activity and removing patients from lists where the clinic has reviewed patients and deemed there is no further action.

BP Database Browser Password Checker

A BP Database Browser Password checker has been added to the BP Preference screen




The new CAT Dashboard provides a launching pad for CAT4 and provides the user with customised Views that can be used for different activities. The various Views package up subsets of manageable and useful information that target what the user needs to do at a given point in time or for a specific program or project. The standard CAT4 Views provided are Daily, Cleansing, Registrar, Chronic Disease Management and Indigenous Quality Improvement. A MyCAT Wizard is also available to allow users to create their own 'Custom Views'.

Activity Views via the CAT Dashboard

The Dashboard provides a number of predefined views which a subset of the full set of graphs and reports available:
Daily View: The CAT4 daily view icon will display a reduced number of most frequently used reports to assist with managing your patient registers, risks and care plans.
CDM View: The CDM View shows reports related to the management of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease.
Cleansing View: The Cleansing View will be familiar to those users who have had access to our Cleansing Module – this has now been integrated into CAT4.
CAT4 – I-qi View: The Indigenous Quality Improvement Program view contains a number of relevant existing and new reports designed for anyone providing care for indigenous patients. Registrar View: CAT4 Registrar View provides reports for clinics with registrar placements

MyCAT Wizard - Customised Activity Views

The MyCAT Wizard allows users to create their own customised views.


Zedmed extractor is inbuilt and now managed by Pen CS in line with MD and BP. This will ensure Zedmed users get all the latest CAT4 functionality when it is released.

Zedmed billing integration

This is now available as a preference selection for MD3 and BP clinical systems.
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Graphs and Reports load on demand

As part of the performance improvements implemented in CAT4, graphs and reports will now load only as you need them. This means that graphs and reports you do not require to access in any one session will not be unnecessarily calculated.

New Charts and Reports

A number of new charts have been provided as part of CAT4:
Co-morbidities allows patients with multiple conditions to be identified
MBS Eligibility allows patients who are eligible for the following MBS items to be identified:

    • Health Assessment Eligibility
    • Diabetes SIP Eligibility
    • GPMP/TCA Eligibility

Sexual Health
This is a module of graphs and reports developed in conjunction with the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO). Its aim is to measure the amount of STI screening and re-screening that is done by health services. The module reviews screening for the last 12 months for the target population of people aged 16-34 or screening during pregnancy.
Please refer to the full set of User Documentation and Quick Reference Guides available at {+}
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Graphs and Reports load on demand

As part of the performance improvements implemented in CAT4, graphs and reports will now load only as you need them. This means that graphs and reports you do not require to access in any one session will not be unnecessarily calculated.

After Hours Reports

Improvements to the After Hours Report Submission process have been implemented so that reports do not have to be viewed before submitting.
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