Since the release of the integrated Genie extractor in 2019 CAT4 scheduler is compatible with Genie. There are a number of requirements to install Scheduler in a Genie environment:

Here is a list of those requirements:

OS is 64 bit Windows 7 or higher, not Mac OS. CAT4 and Scheduler are not compatible with Mac OS!
  • The version of Genie has to be 9 or higher
  • No Genie Client is required in the computer where CAT Scheduler going to be installed
  • .NET 4 installed, preferably .net 4.6 or higher
  • Make sure the computer is having minimum recommend requirements for CAT4 / Scheduler as listed here:
  • SQL server component of Genie has to be running; This has to be verified within the Genie Server
  • Genie Database server IP Address and port are known (default port is 19812)
  • A Genie username and password is known (This doesn't have to be a Genie admin user)