Please note that while you can install and configure CAT4 as a remote app/in a Citrix environment PEN CS is not officially supporting this method of deployment. We can try and assist to make this work, but will not be able to guarantee that CAT4 will work in your specific Citrix setup!

In the Citrix environment all users are logging into their profile on the Citrix Server to access applications. The Clinical System is installed on the Citrix Server and therefore CAT4 needs to be installed here as well.

The applications are not running on the users local machine so CAT4 will not be able to connect to the Clinical System from the local machine if installed locally.
The CAT4 Settings are stored in the C:\ProgramData\Pen CS folder on the Citrix Server and will be accessible to all users.

Once CAT4 is installed on the Citrix Server it can be configured once and then the practice IT can publish the CAT4 application to all user profiles. All CAT4 instances will access the same CAT4 Settings file.