CAT4 can display all existing prompts and allows to remove prompts that are no longer needed. This will remove the prompt for all users at the clinic. To access existing prompts click on the 'Prompts' menu on the top of CAT4 and then select 'TopBar:



Prompts can be filtered by origin (CAT4 or PAT CAT), summary text and/or creation date. They can also be sorted by any of the displayed columns by clicking on the column name.



The buttons on the bottom of the window all you to see the details of the prompt including which patients matching the prompt criteria have been opened in the clinical system. Clicking on the 'Prompt Details' button will display the list of patients - this list is updated as more patients matching the prompt are opened and will take all Topbar users at the clinic into account.


The 'Received By' column will show the Topbar user at the clinic who opened the patient in their clinical system and the status will show if the prompt has been displayed, dismissed or deferred.

Prompts can be deleted or edited from the "Prompts History' screen using the respective buttons, and can be exported to comma delimited format with the 'Print' button. Deleting or editing an existing prompt will apply to all users at the clinic.