The Scheduler Management Consoles allows you to remotely schedule a data collection and upload for one or more practices in your catchment. At the moment, we have two different types of schedules that we can create on MyPEN.

  • Bulk Configuration - for PHN staff
  • Practice Level Schedule - for PEN CS support

Bulk Configuration is for one or more practices at a time where as Practice Level Schedule is created when Scheduler is installed by PEN CS support staff.Please note that the practice level schedule is not visible in the scheduler console and can only be configured/changed by PEN CS support staff.

If you are planning to create a bulk configuration please contact PEN CS support prior to applying it, as it may conflict with an existing schedule created by PEN CS. Also please note that you can disable bulk schedules you created, but you can't delete them, so there will be a history of your bulk schedules.

  Login in to My PEN Portal and this will by default will show your organisation page on My PEN.

  Click on "Go to Primary Health Network Portal "and this will take you to your organisations scheduler management console on MY PEN.

This screen is called Practice Dashboard or Dashboard and in here you will be able to see all of your licensed practices, the number of practices who have successfully completed the collection, how many are pending, started, failed and offline.

Practice Dashboard: A view by practice of the schedule submission status for

  • Last Month
  • Current Month
  • Next Month
  • Number of times a practice has gone Offline

  • Totals: will display the number of practices with Scheduler for Last Month, Current Month and Next Month.
  • Success: will display the number of practices with Scheduler and out of those that successfully performed the collection for Last Month, Current Month and Next Month.
  • Pending: will display the number of practices with Scheduler and out of those that are still pending or awaiting for collect to complete but started the collect.
  • Failed: will display the number of practices with Scheduler and out of those that started to collect but failed to complete the collect.
  • Started: will display the number of practice with Scheduler and out of those that started the collect.
  • Not Yet Due: will display the number of practices with Scheduler and out of those that are not yet due for a collect.
  • Offline: will display the number of practices with Scheduler and the number of times it has been offline since scheduler installation.

Any practices that are offline will not run any collects scheduled as part of Bulk Schedule created on MyPEN or as individual schedules.
The traffic light system is used to display
Success (green)
Pending (orange)
Failure (red)
Warning (where offline)
Practices not submitting greyed out

If you have lot of practices, you can scroll down and can select the next page count to view the list of practices.

Schedule Setup:

To schedule a collection/upload click on the 'Schedule Setup' tab on top of your screen:

The 'Schedule Setup' tab will show you a list of practices not submitting are greyed out, also practices without Scheduler will be shown as Not Deployed and greyed out.

Search Practice: You can search for a specific practice using the search box provided, this could be used to exclude/include a particular practice from a collection.
Show Disabled Schedules: There is an option to display the Disabled Schedules.
Add Schedule: Click on Add Schedule tab to create a new schedule for all the practices below

Name: Specify the name of the collect you are scheduling, for example: PHN Quarterly Collect or PHN Monthly Collect
Enabled: By selecting this check-box you are authorising this collect to go-ahead.
Send To PATCAT: It is enabled by default and if you are not creating a bulk schedule to submit data, but just to collect the data then you can untick the selected check-box.

Note: By Default, Send to PATCAT is enabled. If you want to create a second schedule for your practices without submission, you can untick "Send To PATCAT "and create a schedule for the practices, so it will collect but won't submit any data.

G-Tag: If your PHN purchased a G-Tag License then you can select this check-box and this would submit G-Tagged data.
Months: You can select the check-boxes next to the months to specify for which months you can want the collect/submission to happen.
Day of Month: Specify the date when you want the schedule to run.
Time of Day: You can specify when you want the schedule to run for all practices. Generally we advise to schedule the collect after business hours.
For example, you can schedule after midnight or early in the morning at 3:00 am.
Finally, click on Save and Update Next Exec Due, it will save the bulk schedule we just created.

PHN Monthly Collect:

PHN Quarterly Collect:

Once the schedule is saved, the dashboard will be present the created bulk schedule/schedules.

You can click on Edit on the newly created bulk schedule to modify or for update.
When you click on "Practices" link, you will see a list of all the practices with their scheduler status. Practices who are doing a manual submission will be listed as such only if PEN CS support is aware of their manual submission. Support can set the status to 'manual' which will be reflected here.

Status: It defines the current state of Scheduler at practice level and as per the image we have few different status
Scheduled Submission: Practice is on V3 and is scheduled for submission via bulk schedule created on MY PEN.
Not Deployed: Practice is currently don't have Scheduler installed
No Collection: Practice / PHN informed that the practice choose not to submit the data and hence practice is marked as not submitting data.
Manual Submission: Practice / PHN informed that the practice choose to submit the data manually and they have either scheduler installed/not installed.
Note: Currently, Scheduler is compatible with only MD3, BP, Zedmed, Communicare and soon Genie (April 2019). Where the practice uses any other CIS apart from those mentioned, they need to submit the data manually.
Offline: Currently, Scheduler installed at the practice is offline and this needs to be investigated and get it turned back on.

Note to PHN planning to use this document to create a bulk schedule:
Currently, all your practices on Scheduler will have practice level schedule scheduled by PEN CS based on the PHN request. Before you can create any bulk schedule on MyPEN using the Scheduler Management Console all the practice level schedules need to be made inactive. Please advise the PEN CS support team in writing to about the planned schedule and you can request have all practice level schedules disabled. Once the practice level schedules are disabled you can go ahead and create a bulk schedule to Collect/Submit.