CAT Plus is the major integrated solution that supports PHNs to meet their obligations. It combines the proven platforms of the Clinical Audit Tool (CAT4), PAT CAT and Topbar which is the innovative real-time application at point of care.
CAT Plus is purposefully designed around the Patient, the Practice and the needs of the PHN. The platform is efficient and cost effective for PHNs to utilise and improve patient health outcomes. CAT Plus is Australia’s leading healthcare data extraction and management solution.

It is compatible with the majority of General Practice Clinical Information Systems (CIS), covering approximately 90% of General Practices. All identifiable data extracted from a Clinical Information System using CAT Plus is securely stored within the practice and not moved offsite.

Other solutions move data offsite.

CAT Plus is customisable to meet the varying health needs of Australia’s population and is designed to implement QIPs through proven public health methodologies.