Recipe Name:

Dementia Patients and Carers


Knowing the carer for a patient with dementia is important and will assist the practice in their care for the patient


The number of patients with Dementia who have a carer recorded

CAT Starting Point:

  1. CAT Open - CAT4 view (all reports) loaded
  2. Population Extract Loaded and Extract Pane “Hidden”
    1. Filter Pane open and under the ‘General’ tab ‘Active Patients’ (3x <2 years) selected (this step can be
       omitted if you want to search for all patients).
 In this recipe the steps describe how to find patients with a carer recorded in their record. By selecting the 'not recorded' part of the graph you can reverse this and find patients without a carer recorded! Currently only Best Practice users can record a patient's carer status so for users of other clinical systems this report is not available.

RECIPE Steps Filters:

  • In the “Conditions” Tab, under Mental Health category, select “Yes"  for Dementia

  • Click "Recalculate"
  • Click ‘Hide Filters’

Report Steps

  • Select the "Data Quality/CDSA/Data Completeness" tab
  • this will show you a graph with lots of different indicators, we are interested in the "Has a Carer"
  • To see the details of the patients double click on the part of the graph of interest - green for recorded, red for not recorded

To Export Patient List to Microsoft Excel:

1.  Click on the “Export Icon”  at the top of the Patient Reidentification window.

2.  Click on “Excel”

3.   Choose a file name and a location to save to (eg. Create a folder C:/ClinicalAudit/CAT Patient FollowUp)

4.  Click “Save”

The steps above will produce a list of patients with contact details in MS Excel which can then be used to:

1.   Go back through the individual patient records in the GP Clinical Desktop System (CDS) and update known records

2.  Phone patients to update their record

3.  Produce a mail merge to recall patients for follow up