These recipes aim to assist in the management and identification of patients with dementia or at risk of dementia. They were requested  by the Sydney North Primary Health Network but the recipes could be useful for all CAT Plus users.

Sydney North Primary Health Network (SNPHN) have worked in partnership with an Expert Reference Panel (ERP) in developing a set of indicators to support timely diagnosis of dementia, improved medication management and care planning, service navigation and support for family and carers. The aim of the DQIP is to encourage and support general practices within SNPHN’s catchment area to improve practice processes, resulting in better health outcomes for patients and provide sustainable quality improvement for General Practice. This will be achieved by identifying measurable and achievable key indicators within your practice setting. The DQIP will focus on Dementia, looking at the following indicators:

The program will provide support to participating practices to analyse current dementia care management and develop individualised improvement plans to support implementation of evidence-based best practice care’.