Recipe Name:

Dementia Patients and DMMR


To address issues with polypharmacy


The proportion of patients with Dementia who had a medication review in the previous 12 months

CAT Starting Point:

  1. CAT Open - CAT4 view (all reports) loaded
  2. Population Extract Loaded and Extract Pane “Hidden”
    1. Filter Pane open and under the ‘General’ tab ‘Active Patients’ (3x <2 years) selected (this step can be
       omitted if you want to search for all patients).
 In this recipe the steps describe how to find patients with a MBS item indicating that a medication review was done. By selecting other parts of the graph you can reverse this and find patients without the item claimed.

RECIPE Steps Filters:

  • In the “Conditions” Tab, under Mental Health category, select “Yes"  for Dementia

  • In the “Date Range (Results)” Tab select “12 mths" or another date range

  • Click "Recalculate"
  • Click ‘Hide Filters’

Report Steps

  • Select ‘MBS items/Count OR Not Recorded’ tab
  • In the example below the "Not Recorded" tab is selected as none of my patients had a DMMR or RMMR claimed in the last 12 months
  • Click on the 900 (DMMR) OR 903 (RMMR) part of the graph to select those patients

This will show a list of all patients without the selected MBS item claimed in the past 12 months. The last column will show the date of last claim or just say "not recorded" if it has never been claimed at your practice.

To Export Patient List to Microsoft Excel:

1.  Click on the “Export Icon”  at the top of the Patient Reidentification window.

2.  Click on “Excel”

3.   Choose a file name and a location to save to (eg. Create a folder C:/ClinicalAudit/CAT Patient FollowUp)

4.  Click “Save”

The steps above will produce a list of patients with contact details in MS Excel which can then be used to:

1.   Go back through the individual patient records in the GP Clinical Desktop System (CDS) and update known records

2.  Phone patients to update their record

3.  Produce a mail merge to recall patients for follow up