Predicting patient deaths improves access to palliative care and outcomes for patients in primary care, but due to time constraints in general practice, clinical judgement of the practitioner remains the core method of identifying EOL care needs, rather than the use of a validated prognostic tool.  To overcome this limitation, four Recipes have been developed to assist general practitioners identify patients who may benefit from a palliative care approach. These Recipes create patient lists, which the GP then reviews. This review can be supported by the use of prognostic tools such as The Surprise Question, SPICT4 and screening tools such as RADPAC.

Here are some useful links:

MPHN Palliative Care Project

Prognostic Tools

PCOC Primary Care Program

ELDAC MBS Item numbers to support palliative care service delivery

The recipes below provide a starting point to look at your patients and identify high risk groups. Further work needs to be done as most recipes are likely to show large numbers of patients. The tools (linked above) will assist with this.