The Eligibility tab shows MBS items relevant to the patient open in the CIS and their status. Eligibility is determined for the patient currently open in the clinical information system by checking:

  • age
  • ethnicity
  • existing conditions (coded diagnosis only)
  • current medications
  • billing history (at this practice only)

The MBS App shows the item number(s) first, followed by the item name, the number of actions required/completed and finally the claim status.

A green indicates that an item has been claimed successfully, the red shows an item that hasn't been claimed yet.

A green rectangle indicates an action that has been completed and read from the CIS. An orange rectangle indicates and action that can't be extracted from the CIS but can be entered into Topbar to indicate the action is complete. A red rectangle indicates an missing action item.

When the item details are expanded by clicking on the item, more details are displayed. Some items have multiple actions, others might only have one. A green tick in the 'Action' column means the action for the item has been completed and recorded in the CIS. The numbers in that column (2/2 or 0/1) indicate the number of required actions recorded. Details of the relevant items are displayed by clicking on the item. The details for the TCA in this example look like this:

The 2/2 in the example below means that the provider has recorded that they have met with at least two other providers and they have recorded a coded reason for a visit indicating that at Team Care Arrangement was done for this patient. This completes the required ACTIONS for the patient and is indicated by the 2/2 count.

If an item has been claimed without completing or recording all required actions,  it will be shown as up to date, even if not all action items have been recorded in the CIS. The GPMP below is an example for this. The item has been successfully claimed, but it has not been recorded as a coded reason for visit. Topbar will indicate that the item has been claimed by showing a green  but still show the 0/1 - indicating that the action item has not been recorded. Recording coded reason for visits is good practice in general and recommended.

MD3 and BP allow to change the settings to add the reason for visit to the patient history, so that each visit shows in the patient past history. Topbar does not rely on this setting to read the coded reason for visit so the decision to included or exclude reason for visit in the patient past history is up to the clinic.

For more in depth information on the Diabetes Cycle of Care and MBS items claimed at another clinic please see here: