This report shows the COVID-19 vaccination suitability assessment MBS items and displays the information by dose (1 and 2) as well as vaccination status (vaccinated/not vaccinated). As the items can be claimed multiple times this report does not show patient numbers, but the number of items claimed as well as the total income generated from all items claimed.

The items mapped are:

  • MBS items 93624, 93625, 93626, 93627, 93634, 93635, 93636, 93637, 10660 and 10661 are available to assess patients’ suitability for the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine dose
  • MBS items 93644, 93645, 93646, 93647, 93653, 93654, 93655 and 93656 are available to assess patients’ suitability for the second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine dose.

When the 'export' button is used to see patient details, the report will show only one row per patient with their complete MBS item list and vaccines (if applicable).

This is a new style of reports in CAT4 focusing on income generated for the practice and we hope that this information will be useful for your practice.

This report is not available to all PHNs as it requires consent of your clinics to share MBS items.