The import window also allows access to a history of all imported extracts. To access this history:
When you are logged on as a PHN or other organisation

  1. Click the Import button, this will open the import window.

  1. Click the Imported Extracts Tab.

The 'Download' button in the right corner allows to download all information about the imported extracts in csv format. This is very useful to analyse who has uploaded what information. To find a particular practice use the Practice Filter option.

The Imported Extracts window shows all extracts loaded into PAT CAT for the entire PHN or other organisation, including details of:
Practice ID – the ID associated with the Practice currently assigned to the extract,
Practice – the name of the Practice currently assigned to the extract,
Extract Date – when the extract was performed in CAT4,
Import Date – when the extract was imported into PAT CAT,
Imported By – which user imported the extract,
Filename – the name of the file which contains the extract data,
Status – whether the extract is currently included, superseded or excluded from PAT CAT.
When working with a large number of extracts it may be handy to sort the list of extracts based on a specific detail, this is done by clicking on the column heading.