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This report shows a count of patients who have received any of the COVID-19 vaccines (Astrazeneca, Pfizer, Moderna or 'other') and the number of total doses administered at your practice. It allows a quick check on the total number of the COVID-19 vaccines administered in total.

We are counting the vaccines recorded in the patient record and we are also looking at the vaccine sequence recorded. Whatever number is higher is counted as the total doses administered at your practice.


Vaccines recorded as 'given elsewhere' are not counted in thie report, as the aim of the report is to show the number of vaccines administered at your practice only.


A patient has received two Astra Zeneca vaccines, recorded with sequence 1 and 2. Then they received a Pfizer booster shot that was not entered as sequence 3 but as sequence 1. In this case the total count of vaccines is 3 but the highest sequence is number is two. Our report will report this as three vaccines administered.

The patient re-identification report will show the patient details and their most recent vaccine name as well as the date and sequence of that vaccine: