This release brings a major update to the user interface (UI) in CAT4. The UI updates include:

  • New Graph types
  • Consistent colour scheme throughout all graphs
  • Traffic light scheme applied where relevant
  • Simplified logon and improved user interface


Other changes:

  • Update to requirements to .Net 4.5.2 from .Net 4.0
  • Added lipid modifying drugs:
    • Alirocumab and Evolocumab
    • Added diabetes drugs:
      • Ertugliflozin (Steglataro)
      • Ertugliflozin/sitagliptin (Steglujan)   
      • Ertugliflozin/metformin (Brand name: Segluromet)
    • Added heart medication Abisart
    • Redesign for GoShare functionality
    • Changed CV Event Risk report to provide more meaningful categories
    • Removed Pap Smear report as it is now replaced by cervical screening
    • Added new category ‘opted out/no longer required’ to cervical screening report (MD/BP only)
    • Some minor fixes for PIP QI reports
    • Performance enhancements and numerous minor fixes