1. What data leaves the practice other than phone number and SMS/Voicemail text or audio?
    No other data leaves the practice.

  2. Who is the carrier/provider and are they located in Australia?
    Pen CS has partnered with Straight2Voicemail for providing Voicemail and SMS recalls. Straight2Voicemail in turn use Engage Australia. They have multiple partners for SMS with direct routes. All provide reliable onshore connections. They have multiple routes available to ensure the maximum uptime and delivery quality. If one route fails they have the ability to switch and provide another. They provide delivery receipts and already provide SMS for one of Australia's leading medical providers.

  3. Is the data sent in an encrypted format – how is privacy assured?
    Data send is not encrypted, authorization is implemented within Straight2Voicemail's API

  4. How are responses / replies to the Voicemails and SMS handled?
    This feature is not currently available

  5. How is opt-out handled?
    Recall CAT by default will respect and implement the same Opt-out or Opt-in settings that have been captured in the Clinical Information System.

  6. All patient Recall CAT should be documented in the clinical Recall:
    CAT4 writes back only to Best Practice by executing their Stored Procedure by providing Clinical User ID, Patient ID, Visit Text and Visit Reason.

  7. What will be the frequency?
    The Sender is responsiblefor the frequency of sending SMS or Voicemail messages.

  8. Where do the messages appear to come from? What is the sender ID?
    Messages will be received by a virtual mobile number. Each Practice is assign its own unique virtual mobile number. Each SMS message will start with the Practice Name.

  9. Is there standard time frames on when the patients receive these messages from practice?
    Messages are sent only between 9am - 8pm Mon to Fri and 9am - 5pm on weekends.  If user tries to send messages before or after the time range, then user gets the option to schedule the messages to be sent after 9am next morning.

  10. Is there any limit on how many number of recalls we make using the application?
    Proving you have enough credit, there is no limit to how many Recall CAT messages are sent.

  11. How much does it cost me, if we want to purchase the license?
    You only need to pay for Recall CAT credit, no other license costs. 1 SMS cost 1 credit. 1 Voicemail sent costs 2 credits. Please refer to our pricing list for details on Credit bundles

  12. Are SMS packs a onetime purchase or do we need to purchase them monthly and do SMS Packs have validity?
    Recall CAT Credit are a onetime purchase, credit is valid for up to 12 months

  13. What will be the billing frequency and cancellation terms?
    If you select the 'Auto Top-up' feature, the billing frequency will be dictated by how frequently you consume your credit.

  14. How do I get this installed at our clinic?
    If you already have CAT4 at your clinic, Recall CAT will already be available to you. If you don't have CAT4 installed, or require additional installations please contact the Pen CS support team.

  15. Do you provide Delivery Reports?
    Delivery reports are available through CAT4

  16. What's the standard length of the SMS that I can send and can I be able to send long messages?
    The maximum length is 2 SMS. The first SMS has 160 characters and the 2nd one with 146 characters which is inclusive of the practice (sender's) name and the opt-out message. Please note that an SMS containing 160 characters or less will cost 1 credit. An SMS containing more than 160 characters will cost 2 credits.

  17. Can I link my own SMS provider to Recall CAT, our practice has already signed up with an SMS service provider linked to our clinical software?
    No, we have partnered with Stright2Voicemail to provide both SMS and Voicemail messages

  18. Can I send a message to a landline instead of a mobile number?
    Only patients will a mobile number recorded in their clinical record will be eligible for SMS and voicemail messaging

  19. Will Recall CAT prompt when I am running low on credits?
    If you have the 'Auto Top-up' option selected, then Recall CAT will automatically top up the credit. If you have not selected the Auto Topup option, then the users will clearly see the 'Credit Remaining' indication when using Recall CAT. Messages will not be sent if the user does not have the required amount of credit.

  20. Does this comply with the Do Not Call List?
    If Recall CAT is used for telemarketing purposes the user must comply with the Do Not Call register and telemarketing laws. 

  21. Does this comply with the Spam ACT?
    The Recall CAT user must comply with the SPAM ACT. Recall CAT does respect and by default employ the Opt out and/or Opt in feature in the practice's clinical information system.

  22. What are the RACGP guidelines on Text Messaging? The RACGP recommends practices do not routinely disclose patient information via text messaging. A kit with more information is available at https://www.racgp.org.au/digital-business-kit/sms-messaging .

The kit advises that "text messages are an unencrypted form of communication and it is, therefore, the practice's responsibility to ensure that private and sensitive information about the patient is not routinely disclosed via a text message". These are recommendations and the general practice must weigh up the risks and benefits of communicating via text and make an informed decision about how they communicate with patients. SMS and Voicemail is regularly used for appointment reminders which do not contain clinical information. Recall CAT offers other opportunities for targeted patient recall which doesn't require clinical information to be included eg. providing advice to at risk patients that the flu vaccination is now available.

23. What is Secure Message Delivery (SMD) and how is it different from SMS?
      SMD is used between applications for securely sending patient data between two parties. Typically it would be used for sending clinical data outside the practice to another system. It is not used for sending SMS or emails.