To use SMS or voicemail messages you will need to set up your account through the MyPen Portal and purchase credits. There are a number of settings for your account that will be explained in this page.

To access the SMS portal after logging on to your account in MyPen, click on the link in the top right corner:

Credits can be bought as bundle or as auto top-up, the pricing is the same and auto top-up will purchase the selected credit bundle once your balance is less than 10% of your selected bundle. PEN CS does not store your credit card details and all transactions are encrypted following industry standards.

SMS pricing is different from voicemail messages - a voicemail message is twice as much as a SMS in all bundles:

Credit PackageNumber of CreditsCostCost per UnitNo. of SMSNo. of Voicemails
Bundle 1 - 500 Credits (500 SMS or 250 Voicemails)500$124.95$0.25500250
Bundle 2 - 1000 Credits (1000 SMS or 500 Voicemails)1000$229.95$0.231000500
Bundle 3 - 5000 Credits (5000 SMS or 2500 Voicemails)5000$899.95$0.1850002500
Bundle 4 - 10000 Credits (10000 SMS or 5000 Voicemails)10000$1499.95$0.15100005000
Bundle 5 - 50,000 Credits (50,000 SMS or 25,000 Voicemails)50000$6499.95$0.135000025000

To purchase credits you can click on "buy" or on the Credit Bundles tab. You will have to choose the right bundle and then enter your credit card details and click the "I agree" box before clicking on "Make Payment".

You will see the details for your account and can add some additional information that will be used in the SMS messages.

  • You can buy credits by clicking on the button which will show you the available credit bundles.
  • Auto Top-up can be enabled or disabled by clicking on the button next to the Auto Top-up line.
  • If you are using an online appointment book, you can enter the link for a booking in the next field, so it can be included in your SMS for patients to make a booking.
  • The SMS sender name will also appear in your SMS - you can enter your practice name or the name of a clinician.
  • Your Voicemail Sender number will need to be verified, to verify the number please click on the button and enter your number, then click on "Verify". You will receive an automated call with a six digit code which has to be entered in the "Enter Code" field, then click on "Verify". Once your number is confirmed, a green tick will appear next to it.

The Top-up Options tab allows you to select your preferred package and/or to turn auto top-up off or on:

The Payment History will show any purchased bundles with the date/time of purchase and whether it was a manual or auto top-up purchase. The history can be exported by using the "Export" button on the top right.