PEN CS has built this functionality to give our users an easy way to ask for and to receive consent for any data collection outside the already established agreements. The Consent Management Portal is licence coded and only available to those organisations who have been licensed by PEN CS - all others won't be able to access the portal.

The Consent Management Portal allows PHNs and other organisations to invite practices to a program that requires consent and the practices can use the same portal to accept the invitation and to upload their consent form. This creates a central location within the licensing portal MyPen for practices as well as for PHNs/Other organisations to ensure that consent has been given. The portal also provides a history of actions to see who invited and who provided consent.

Only once the requirements for consent have been met will the practice receive the linked functionality of the program they have consented to - this is an additional layer of ensuring that no one but the consenting users are participating.

The user guides are split in two parts, one for practice users and one for PHNs/Other organisations. The links below provide the full details: