A ‘Heart Health Check’ is the patient-friendly term for comprehensive cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk assessment and ongoing management. The delivery of Heart Health Checks in primary care is now supported by Medicare under MBS items 699 and 177. On this page, you will find information on how you can identify patients who are eligible for the Heart Health Check.  

CAT4 recipes

In this section you will find a list of CAT4 recipes designed to help you identify specific patients who are eligible for a Heart Health Check. The recipes were developed together with the Heart Foundation as part of their Heart Health Check Toolkit and aim to support planned care by targeting patients most at need.  

Topbar – MBS app

For practices using Topbar, our MBS app will also notify you of any presenting patients who are eligible for the Heart Health Check. These notifications are designed to support opportunistic care when patients are already at the practice. Details of the Heart Health Check notification can be found here: Heart Health Check Item

Planned care and opportunistic intervention using CAT Plus

Below is a summary info-graphic on how you can use CAT Plus to improve patient outcomes when it comes to heart health.