LinkedEHR is the answer to managing patients with a chronic disease and a team of health professionals involved in their care. LinkedEHR is a care planning system that is specifically designed to provide a Shared Care Plan. It records goals, targets and referrals so that patients will receive the right level of care required for their chronic disease conditions. The system was developed by the Western Sydney Medicare Local (now WentWest PHN) in association with Ocean Informatics. Why to choose LinkedEHR?

  • Gain clinical control over patient workflow
  • A Shared Care Plan that is quick and easy to create and update
  • Instant referrals and acknowledgement from Allied Health Professionals

LinkedEHR is at no cost to practitioners or patients to set up or maintain the system. Please refer to for more information on LinkedEHR

PCEHR (NASH) Certificate
To successfully configure Topbar for the LinkedEHR you need to have your PCEHR certificate and the password that was provided with the certificate. The certificate can be on a CD/USB stick or already copied to a folder on your computer – as long as you know where the certificate is located and have the correct password for the configuration.

  • Entering the Practice Name and HPIO into Best Practice and Medical Director
  • Installing the HI Site Certificate within Best Practice and Medical Director to access the Health Identifier Service
  • Installing the NASH Certificate within Best Practice and Medical Director in order to access My Health Record
  • Adding users HPI-I's to their profiles within Best Practice and Medical Director
  • Having the relevant users registered and created within the LinkedEHR Portal including adding their HPI-I's into their LinkedEHR Profile.