It is possible that practices upload multiple extracts in a month. By default PAT CAT uses only the most recent extracts, but the duplicate (or more) uploads take up space on your server as they are imported into your database. This tab allows a clean-up of the extracts and will show you a colour coded list of practices and their uploads for each audit month. As shown in the graph below ther are 6 practices that have uploaded this month, and one of the six has uploaded twice. This is indicated by the red highlight and the number of the extracts in brackets before the practice name.

You can tick the extract to remove and the click on 'Request to Exclude Extract' or 'Request to Exclude and Delete Extract'. Excluding extracts is the same as excluding an extract from the 'Import' window.

The second option will not just exclude the data but also delete it. This process is not instant and depending on the size of your database, the size of the extract and general performance will take some time. In no case is the raw data uploaded from the practice deleted.

Excluding/deleting an extract will require a recalculation of the virtual patient for the adjusted column. This will run as configured in the User Interface Customisation schedule, by default over night. Depending on how many extracts you exclude/delete the recalculation can take several days.

Before excluding/deleting duplicate extracts consider which one you want to keep. For example your practices might upload on the first day of the month, but a practice might have uploaded on the 15th of the month. You need to decide which extract to remove - the date and time of the extract is part of the extract name, in the format -YYYMMDDHHMM- as shown below.