The organisations currently using PAT CAT have expressed interest in sharing aggregated data across their catchment boundaries. The PAT CAT Network has been created to provide this functionality and will provide the ability will be particularly useful to compare indicators across multiple organisation catchments and/or state borders.

The PAT CAT Network allows information to be shared through the use of “Channels”. A channel defines a set of filters and graphs for which an organisation is willing to share data with another. An organisation “subscribes” to a channel to participate. Only aggregated data is shared. The data becomes available by “connecting’ to a channel and then viewing the data through the normal PAT CAT interface along with the organisations own data for comparison. When connected to a channel, the predefined filters replace the usual PAT CAT filter panel and the graphs for which shared data is available are flagged with a * on their tab. A filter is selected to recalculate the data.

Only Super Users can create and share Channels - please contact PEN CS to nominate the super users in your organisation.

To enable data sharing without PEN CS becoming a data custodian we have expanded the PCS Network to handle the PAT CAT Network data travel. The PCS Network is currently used to provide the prompts data travel from PHN/organisation to practice. It does not store any data from the individual organisations using PAT CAT, but rather stores the details of the direct data connections, i.e. who sends what to who.

Organisations are required to register to use the PAT CAT Network before they can share and view data. This is done the first time the organisation clicks on the PAT CAT Network icon and is managed through the PCS Network.

The PAT CAT Network functionality is accessed through the new PAT CAT Network icon:



Clicking the PAT CAT Network icon will open up the PAT CAT Network window. From this window you can create and join channels, see and respond to notifications and manage your subscribed and created channels. More detail is provided below.



  • PCS Network does not store Patient Data
  • PCS Network will only store Channel related data
  • Data sharing is done directly between PAT CATs
  • The aggregated value and percentage part of the data is encrypted
  • Data transmission only through SSL
  • Data sharing is only within the scope of the connected channel
  • Organisations can only look at other PAT CAT data for the selected month
  • Consent / Opt-In process for organisation is captured via the PCS Network
  • Only PAT CAT Super Users can register to the PAT CAT Network. 
  • Only PAT CAT Super Users can create channels

Please contact PEN CS to nominate your super users - there is no cost involved!




The tabs on the PAT CAT Network window are described in detail below.