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PAT Programs enables PHNs/ACCHOs to report on the patient health outcomes who are participating in a quality improvement or any other program.

A PAT Program is set-up using PAT CAT's existing filters and reports. You can nominate your program name, create a program logo and a Topbar Program App icon. Then select your patient inclusion criteria, enrol your practices participating in the Program and you are ready to start using PAT Programs.

From now an any time a patient who meets your program’s patient inclusion criteria presents at a participating practice, Topbar will notify the provider. Notifications can provide an option to enrol the patient in your Program or alternatively launch a website of your choosing to provide the health professional of education. This can work very well with HealthPathWays as you can specify a URL that meets the patient's needs or provides.

You can watch our videos on PAT Programs here:

Creating a PAT Program (7 minute video)

Configuring and Reporting for PAT Programs (6 minute video)

This guide will show you how to set up a program. To receive prompts created by PAT Programs you will need Topbar installed, the relevant guide for the Topbar app can be found here: PAT Programs App