This latest addition to CAT Plus is designed to assist PHNs and other organisations using PAT CAT to work with primary health care staff. This new functionality enables custom filters based on the existing filters and reports in PAT CAT to be created and sent to selected practices. Population health findings in PAT CAT based on de-identified data are used to provide clinicians with lists of patients matching the criteria and thus enable ongoing quality improvement. The PAT2CAT filters can also be used as a source for Topbar Prompts and Recall CAT - SMS and Voice Messaging for CAT4

PHN/ACCHO Benefits

  • Allows the practice to re-identify ‘at-risk’ patients, with a single click in CAT 4.
  • Facilitates improved QIP in primary health and general practice, driving better patient outcomes
  • Allows for easy updating of patient lists at regular intervals to drive timely QIP activities.
  • Creates no extra work for the practice and reduces administrative overhead
  • Practices added after a PAT2CAT filter has been created will receive the filter

Please note that PAT2CAT filters are not included by default in your CAT Plus license. There is an additional charge for this functionality, please contact PEN CS Support or your account manager for details.

Here is a short video describing how to create and manage PAT2CAT filters: PAT2CAT Filters video

Using PAT CAT find de-identified patient cohorts whose care can be improved can now be combined with practice level data. Once a new custom filter has been created and send to a CAT4 user it can be used just like any other filter. For full details see here: PAT2CAT Custom Filters in CAT4.

See the details on how to create, manage and use the new custom filters here: