Custom Filters are filters created in PAT CAT and sent to your CAT4. This functionality is designed to support continuous quality improvement by providing ready made filters to target patients of interest. Details of the filters should be discussed with the organisation you are sharing your de-identified data with, as they can create the filters to meet your requirements/interests.

For a  guide on how to create custom filters see here: PAT2CAT Filters

These filters will make it very easy to identify a group of patients at your practice based on the filter criteria. Once identified you can use Recall CAT - SMS and Voice Messaging for CAT4 to invite the patients to come in for a check up or you can create prompts in Topbar using CAT PLUS PROMPTS.

Your organisation will have to be licensed for this functionality and once you log onto CAT4 you will see the new filter tab:

All filters relevant to your clinic created in PAT CAT will be displayed here. If you can't see a filter you can try and click on 'Reload Filters' - this will refresh the display. Contact your PHN or other organisation you are sharing data with if a particular filter is not visible and you expect it to be available.

You will see the organisation(s) who have create the custom filter and the filter name. You can choose to apply the filter to find all patients matching the filter criteria or find everyone NOT matching the criteria. In our example we want to find the list of patients with CHD who are overdue for their BP and Cholesterol, so the 'Match' tick box is selected.

Once you have made the selection on the custom filter panel you can either recalculate or you can add other filter criteria if required, and then recalculate.

Once the custom filter has been applied, you can just click on the 'View Population' icon which will show the list of patients matching the filter criteria in the current data extract.

You can however also look at other reports for these patients, for example the 'Disease' report to see what other conditions have been recorded asides from CHD:

If you are looking at pathology or other results, remember that while the filter includes only patients with results older than 12 months (by using the Date Range (Results) Filtering), your pathology or measures report will show these results unless you apply additional filters. In our example we are only showing those patients with no BP AND Cholesterol in the last 12 months, so it uses a build in Cross Tabulation Report as well.

Custom filters can be saved either as they are or in combination with other filter criteria, by simply using the 'Saved Filters' tab and saving the new filter following the steps described here: Saving Filter Criteria.

These filters are dynamic, so if you have new patients who match the conditions in the filter, they will be included in the new data extract and picked up by the filter.