After changes to PAT CAT it is sometimes required to recalculate your reports. This tab allows you to schedule the recalculation to a time suitable for your organisation and to select the reporting months you like to be recalculated. Recalculation takes time and the more data items and reporting months are selected, the longer the recalculation will take.

This particular important after new reports or new indicators for existing reports have been released, as it is your choice how far back you need the new data items. The recalculation can take a long time depending on your data, so don't schedule too much at once. You will be able to use PAT CAT but there will a noticeable impact on performance while reports are being recalculated. We recommend to do this over night or over a weekend!

Here is a short video showing the process:

PAT CAT Recalculation

Please check with PEN CS support to get an estimate of how long this might take before scheduling!