This functionality will be available with PAT CAT 3.4 and higher!

This feature enables you to determine which graphs are enabled in PATCAT. By ticking the report, you are telling PATCAT to only show and process report data for the selected reports.

If a report has no data, please use feature "Report Recalculate" to regenerate the report data. Unchecked reports will be unavailable in the the following areas / features:

    • Reporting area (section below the filter)
    • Export Patient
    • Custom Timeline
    • Report Recalculate

Excluding reports doesn't take very long as it simple saves the new configuration to apply the changes. If you have excluded a specific report and new data is uploaded, the excluded report will be empty. To populate the report you will have to first include it again and then recalculate using the Report Recalculate function.

The settings on this screen can have a major impact on the data available in your PAT CAT, so please ensure it is used responsibly!