Recipe Name:

Identify active patients with a stroke/TIA condition for referral to Peer Support Programs


Peers are highly accepted by fellow stroke survivors and carers and are able to provide social support, experiential knowledge and  a social comparison that the medical model of care is unable to  provide[1].

[1] Solomon P. Peer support/peer provided services underlying processes, benefits, and critical ingredients. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal 2004;27(4):392-401.


Identify and refer all stroke/TIA patients to the National Stroke Foundation for more information on the peer support program.

CAT Starting Point:

  1. CAT Open - CAT4 view (all reports) loaded
  2. Population Extract Loaded and Extract Pane “Hidden”
    1. Filter Pane open and under the ‘General’ tab ‘Active Patients’ (3x <2 years) selected (optional step - remove if you want to search for all patients).

RECIPE Steps Filters:

  • In the filters on the "Conditions" tab, select YES for Stroke under Cardiovascular
  • Click "Recalculate"

  • Click "View Pop" to see all active patients with a diagnosis of stroke

This list will give you all patient details including the date when they were last seen and who is their assigned provider.

Create a prompt to display in Topbar

Remember you need to be in the CAT4 Daily View to be able to create prompts. Other pre-requisites are:

  • Topbar is installed
  • CAT4 is linked to Topbar via Edit/Preferences/Topbar - check here for details: Linking CAT to Topbar

To start click on the 'Daily View' icon on the top of your CAT4 screen:

Once you have applied the filter(s) and displayed the patients of interest as described above, you can create a prompt that will be shown to all clinicians using Topbar if a patient meeting the prompt criteria is opened in their clinical system. The full guide is available at CAT PLUS PROMPTS and a short guide on how to create prompts in CAT4 can be found at  Creating a Prompt in CAT4

To start you have to use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the patient details report and select "Prompt at Consult - Topbar" then click on "Go" to give the new prompt a name.

The name you enter is the prompt text displayed in Topbar, so choose a simple but clear name that tells the clinician seeing the prompt what should be done.

To Export Patient List to Microsoft Excel:

1.  Click on the “Export Icon”  at the top of the Patient Reidentification window.

2.  Click on “Excel”

3.   Choose a file name and a location to save to (eg. Create a folder C:/ClinicalAudit/CAT Patient FollowUp)

4.  Click “Save”

The steps above will produce a list of patients with contact details in MS Excel which can then be used to:

1.   Go back through the individual patient records in the GP Clinical Desktop System (CDS) and update known records

2.  Phone patients to update their record

3.  Produce a mail merge to recall patients for follow up