If you have just started working for a PHN or other organisation and need to some sources helping you to understand CAT Plus you have come to the right place. This page provides links to relevant videos and other resources to get you started. PEN CS provides free webinars as well as recordings of webinars and you have already found our online help site with full user guides and step by step guides on specific topics.


Our webinar schedule can be found here: https://www.pencs.com.au/support/webinars/

Make sure you check regularly as we update frequently. New topics are also announced in our PHN and GP newsletters. To sign up for general practice staff use this link and for PHN/other organisation sign up here


We host our videos on Vimeo but here are some particularly relevant videos for new users:

CAT4 for Beginners (50 min)

CAT4 for Intermediate Users (50m)

CAT4 for Advanced Users (50m)

Topbar - the whole story (55m)

The videos above are comprehensive and show general and specific functionality of CAT4 and Topbar. If you are interested in a particular functionality and have already a basic understanding of the tools you might be interested in these topical videos:

Data Quality (20m)

Quality Coding (20m)

CAT Plus Prompts (20m) - using notifications for clinicians based on CAT4 and Topbar prompts

Cancer Screening (20m)

Topbar Overview and UI Update

A full list of all topics can be found here

Very short 'tip of the month' videos with an average duration of around two minutes: Tip of Month Videos

Recipes (Step by Step Guides):

To get hands on experience the recipes are a great starting point. The full list of recipes is accessible here: CAT Recipes

Here are some selected topics that will help you to get started:

Identify active patients with at least 3 visits in the last 2 years

Add Weight, Height and Waist Measurements to Patient Record

Identify patients with Allergy or Smoking Status NOT recorded

Ensure all diabetic patients are coded with the correct diagnosis in the clinical software.

Increase HbA1c recording for Type II diabetic patients to 95% or higher and increase ACR recording by 10%.

PIP QI Improvement Measures - ten recipes to show the details on the PIP QI Improvement Measures

User Guides:

This CAT4 document will give an overview of the user interface and examples for activities with CAT4: CAT4 - New Users Guide

Topbar has a brief user guide for each app - they can be found here: Topbar Apps in Detail

PAT CAT is the 'big sister' of CAT4 and the user interface is built the same way as CAT4. However there are some differences in particular in the additional modules such as:

PAT Programs

PAT2CAT Filters

OLD_PAT PIP QI Essentials Guide

OLD_PAT CAT PIP QI Professional Guide

To understand how practices are set up and other configuration is handled, have a look at GETTING STARTED and the pages listed there.